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At Naveena, we have always followed the adage “human-first” and endeavoured to put forward denim’s progressive role in the society. Creating shared value for all our stakeholders has always been our North-star.

This approach is guiding us in this time of uncertainty with the outbreak of #COVID19 as well. The safety and well-being of our stakeholders is our utmost priority.

Since the first reports of the Covid-19 outbreak in the news, we have been following the developments closely, considering the probable scenarios at the highest level and taking all the necessary measures.

At our facilities, our on-premise medical services provide daily updates about prevention and the outbreak. We are also applying mesaures such as providing hand sanitizers and masks, wiping and desinfecting the commonly-touched surfaces, thermal scanning all employees, and offering flexible working options.

The Covid-19 epidemic is a complicated situation that requires concerted efforts and solidarity among everyone. We are working closely with all relevant authorities and adapting precautionary measures accordingly to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, their families, and everyone in our circle of touch.

As always, we value open and continous communication with all our stakeholders. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, should you have any suggestions, ideas or feedback you would like to raise.

In this time of uncertainty, let’s endeavour to be wise without panicking.

Let’s be kind. Let’s be gentle. Let’s be generous.


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