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Naveena Denim Mills Launches STAYS FRESH Collection in Collaboration with Polygiene®

Naveena Denim Mills’ new collection of sustainable denim,using Polygiene®’s STAYS FRESH technology, fuses the comfort of the denim we love with many performance benefits - extending the life of the fabric while saving energy, water, time and money.

Developed in partnership with Swedish firm Polygiene®, the innovative STAYS FRESH application (Polygiene BioStatic) will be implemented across a selection of the Mill’s denim fabrics, aiming at a greater range of products moving forward.

The innovative STAYS FRESH technology from Polygiene® makes clothes stay fresh and odor free so they can be washed less frequently. Applied in the finishing stages of textile production, the treatment is based on a silver salt solution which simply makes it impossible for bacteria to multiply. The result: it stops odor at the source to make the items stay fresh and it works for the lifetime of the garment.

“At Naveena, we are always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. Sustainable raw materials, sustainable processes, recycled materials are all examples of the steps we are taking. While these efforts are very important, we knew that the consumer use part of the product lifecycle is of utmost importance. Consumer use stands for the majority, approximately 2/3 of the environmental footprint of a garment. Indeed, consumers can do more to reduce the environmental impact of apparel simply by washing clothes less frequently,” says Aydan Tuzun, Executive Director of Global Sales and Marketing for Naveena Denim Mills. “We hope STAYS FRESH fabrics will inspire consumers to wear their garments more, wash them less and make them last longer.”

Calculations made by Polygiene® show that only by skipping 1 in 3 washes, a consumer can save 40% water, 45% energy, 1,5 hours per week which makes 9 days in a year and nearly 500 USD per year. And get an item that lasts longer as it will have less issues with fading, shrinkage and wear and tear on the product from being washed less.

Only by saving every 10th wash, we could save 47 million tons of CO2 and 4.5 billion of cubic meters of freshwater globally.

Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene shares, “We are very excited and proud on this partnership with Naveena Denim Mills and believe strongly that the potential in the denim category is tremendous. As jeans are the most common article of daily wear in people’s closets, plus the added sustainability story in keeping denim in use longer is a great fit and we look forward to these next steps with Naveena Denim Mills”, concludes Björk.

“We really desire to reach the next generation of early adopters and influencers to create awareness about garment care and consumers’ role for a more sustainable world. We will continue our journey with our partners to make this a reality with upcoming technologies,” says Aydan Tuzun. “We share the same ideas and enthusiasm with Polygiene® in this regard. Here we are today with a product that we are very proud of.”


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