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In August 2020, Naveena Denim Mills established its first subsidiary abroad in Turkey.

Naveena Turkey aims to provide faster and agile service to Naveena’s clients thanks to a Never Out Of Stock (NOOS) product warehouse based in Istanbul.

Aydan Tuzun, Director-General of Naveena Turkey, said: “Lead times were always important for our clients but they became much more important as “agility is king” now. Many clients look for already stocked fabrics. For this reason, we initiated NOOS applications in both Karachi and Istanbul warehouses. Near shoring is another issue that is rising in importance.

The fact that we have a global presence with offices worldwide has been a great asset. Having powerful offices in producer countries such as Turkey and Bangladesh also enabled us to keep track of every stage of the supply chain, to keep communication strong and to provide the necessary support. We have recently added a new member to our sales team in Spain as well.”


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